Managing Director
Member at Coxmoor Golf Club. Likes watching cricket. Member at Hucknall Cricket Club. Live music. Eating out and holidays abroad.

At Cooper & Berry since: 1993


Managing Director
When I started working at Cooper’s I began life on the trade counter and at the same time took an interest in the plumbing and heating field. I enrolled at Basford Hall College and attended night school for 4 years where I completed both the City & Guilds and Advanced Craft. When Frank retired I was offered a position in the office and continued to develop both my plumbing knowledge along side the day to day running and management of the business. I married my wife in 1991 and we have two amazing children. I try to stay fit which includes playing football twice a week and frequent visits to the gym. Rachel and I look forward to cruising more and enjoying the wonders of the world, including a glass of wine or two on our travels.

At Cooper & Berry since: 1987


Enjoys eating out and keeping fit.

At Cooper & Berry since: 2004


Sales Counter
The newest member of our team. Enjoys all types of Live music, plays cricket for Hucknall Cricket Club.

At Cooper & Berry since: 2015


Lead Fabrication
Loves live music, all sports including football and cricket and also plays for the local pool team.

At Cooper & Berry since: 1999